Audi quattro Cup: Audi meets Golf

The Audi Quattro Cup, held annually at Theodora Golf Club since 2017, has established itself as the most anticipated golf tournament in Romania. Organized by the Autoworld company, this prestigious event brings together more than 120 passionate golfers each year, fostering an environment of intense competition and camaraderie. The Audi Quattro Cup Romania is part of the larger Audi Quattro Cup World Cup, the biggest amateur golf tournament series in the world.

The Birth of a Tradition

Ever since its inception in 1991, the Audi Quattro Cup has captured the imagination of golf enthusiasts worldwide. With an expected participation of about 70,000 golfers in 2023, the tournament series now encompasses over 600 regional competitions, making it a truly global event. Audi importers and dealers from around the world invite their customers to experience the thrill of golf, melding their passion for the sport with their love for Audi cars.

A Unique Tournament Structure

The Audi Quattro Cup stands out due to its unique structure, where every team that wins its regional tournament secures an invitation to the national final. This offers participants a chance to qualify for the highly sought-after World Final. Through this format, Audi cultivates the spirit of sports competition, precision technology, and passion, all of which are synonymous with the brand.

Theodora Golf Club – The Perfect Venue

Located in the heart of Romania, Theodora Golf Club has hosted the Audi Quattro Cup since 2017. This picturesque venue offers a challenging and enjoyable golfing experience for both amateur and professional players alike. As the main organizer, Autoworld has played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s smooth execution, contributing to its growing popularity and success.


A Testament to Audi's Commitment

The Audi Quattro Cup is a testament to the brand’s dedication to promoting golf for over two decades. Through this team tournament, Audi connects the enthusiasm for golf with the fascination for their cars, building a strong relationship with their customers and the golfing community. The Audi Quattro Cup has come a long way since its early beginnings, and it continues to write its success story, leaving an indelible mark on the world of golf.

Audi Quattro Cup, held at Theodora Golf Club, has solidified its position as the most awaited golf tournament in Romania. With the unwavering support of Autoworld, the event continues to grow and attract golfers from around the world. As part of the international Audi Quattro Cup World Cup, the tournament series not only showcases exceptional golfing talent but also exemplifies Audi’s commitment to connecting golf and automobile enthusiasts through a shared passion.